The Glenn Omatsu Gratitude Page


Thank You Professor Omatsu

Hello friends & allies!

The AAS Department has created this webpage to honor the work of Professor Glenn Omatsu, our long-time activist, teacher and mentor. The CSUN College of Humanities has renamed the Asian House to the Glenn Omatsu House to honor Omatsu on April 29, 2014. Many of Professor Omatsu’s allies were not able to attend the renaming event, so we created this webpage for community members to send their messages to Professor Omatsu.  Beyond that, Omatsu has touched the lives of many people, and we extend an invitation for all of Omatsu’s allies to come together and show appreciation for Omatsu. You can do so by submitting your stories and experiences with Omatsu with the contact form below. You may submit as long as a story you want, pictures and videos are always a plus!

You may also submit your dedications/photos/videos by sending it directly to the site’s email:

In the work we do, positive reinforcement and inspiration is always much needed and we can start here by honoring a lifetime ally.

We dedicate this page to Professor Omatsu’s lifetime of mentorship, community building and struggle, and in the hope that each generation listens, teaches and commits to building a new and better world for all.

The Glenn Omatsu House is located at 18356 Halsted Ave. Northridge, CA 91330.


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